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Veena Malik is Playing a Sex Worker in Rajeev Ruja’s Upcoming Film, "Zindagi 50-50"

Going beyond all expectations, Veena Malik is playing a sex worker in Rajeev Ruja’s upcoming film, ‘Zindagi 50:50” and its reported that she is going nude for the film.

“When Rajeev approached me with the role, he wasn’t very confident about whether I would be able to pull it off. I prefer playing a bad girl rather than a cute, bubbly one. My ideal role has to be negative, strong and performance-driven’ exclaimed Veena. But the question remains, is Veena Malik stripping for the film? (not much to strip left anyways eh?). “ I am not stripping for any film. I have never gone nude nor does the film have such scenes. There are a few bold scenes, but they are aesthetically shot.” Says veena.

Some one clearly needs to buy Veena a dictionary!!

Veena was only just seen somewhat imitating Jolie’s famous pose at the Oscars, but she says, “ Nothing was actually planned. When I wore the gown, my legs were sticking out and that was the only way I could have posed. If you see the picture, I have no fancy hairdo either.”

Upon further questioning regarding her photo shoot for an Indian magazine, with the ISI tattoo on her arm, she says, “When I spoke about Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif, they called me a cricket bookie; now they are calling me ISI agent. I am not a spy, I am an actor,"

Veena is all set to do an item number in the movie alongside Riva Sen, who was in a relationship with Veena’s former love interest, Aaaaaashmit Patel.

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