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V for Vendetta!!!

Totalitarian regimes, a corrupt system that has been rotten to its core, puppet democracy, intolerance, depression and dreams of revolution! Sounds familiar? Well it is these set of words that occupy much of the verbal diarrhea that goes on between the talk show hosts and their guests on our TV screens but putting these deep hidden emotions into a stage play and conveying an important message through it has to be a work of art. And this challenging task was undertaken and taken to the next level by Mr. Mustafa Changazi and his talented team of young artists.

V for Vendetta, the theatrical play unveiled on 29th of July at the Rangoonwala auditorium amid great anticipation and excitement of the crowd, to provide the juiciest mix of what we may call drama, suspense, action, adventure, mystery and fantasy all put in together to bring about a story that revolves around a shadowy character that is known by its codename V playing his role as a rebel in a dark, politically charged tale about the evils of powerful governments.

The stage play was an adaption from Alan Moore’s novel by the same name but the concept was graphically portrayed in a decent blend of good acting coupled with excellent costume design, makeup and some serious special effects. The story takes a time travel into the 2020 England that is dictated by an authoritarian government that works for its self righteous interest. The story starts with V fighting off and killing a group of government “thugs” who are attempting to have their way with a wayward young girl named Evey. The story is then taken from there to reveal the plot of the play that is V’s attempt to take a stand against the oppressive regime and declares an attack on the parliament building as a last nail in the coffin of his vengeance and revenge for freedom and justice.

Being absolutely rational about it, the play did have some glitches such as unnecessarily long breaks that made the audiences lose interest in what was going on in the play, lack of voice clarity that made the hearing of some dialogues difficult and asynchronous movement with special sound effects but these minor anomalies can be overlooked in light of the effort that was put in by the actors in bringing about an absolutely phenomenal piece of acting.

The central focus of V for Vendetta is the issue of terrorism as a means of seeking justice in a fascist regime. While the use of terrorism as means of liberation remains a questionable method to register dislike against oppression, props should be given to the producers for having the spine to address this subject at all in our modern political climate. In the words of the director Mr. Mustafa; it is the government that should be afraid of the people and not the people who should be afraid of their government. Overall a commendable effort put together by the team, definitely worth a watch.

For all the theatre lovers who are suffering from ravenous hunger for rich, intelligent story based play, you are likely to be satiated by a brand new play that is coming to K-town by the name of V for Vendetta. Yes I know most of us have either read the novel or seen the movie but trust me suspense and drama don't come any juicier than those that saturate V for Vendetta on stage.

V for Vendetta, the theatrical play is to be held at the ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust Auditorium starting on Friday 29th of July to 31st of July between 8 pm to 10:30 pm. The story is about a shadowy freedom fighter known only as "V" who uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.

Now you don’t want me to reveal the entire plot despite the temptation to do it, otherwise you’d regret reading this piece :p. It is a play for a cause as the proceeds go to charity. So put on your party dress, grab your tickets and get ready to be taken away by the epitome of coolness being acted out on stage. For more information, please visit the PlayTv page on facebook.

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